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Ways to Make a Widget

images-4A gadget is a little application that can be introduced inside a page. This review gives guidelines that will help you include such an application your site.

A widget, which is also referred to as web gadget, snippet, portlets, etc., is an element of the graphic user interface that provides information and allows a user to interact with the application. For instance, it can be used to allow users to play interactive games, and add and change website content. Embedding these self-enclosed codes on a web page, blog, or social networking site can make them fun, as personal content can be turned into a web application that can be shared on any website.


If you want to put a web gadget on your website, blog, or on your profile on any social media site, you first need to look for such applications. There are some sites that allow users to create such applications from their own content. You can simply embed the code and put them on your website. You can find them from widget directories such as Widgetbox or Spring Widgets, or create them using a widget editor and converter. Here are the instructions that you can follow:

  • First of all, find the websites that allow users to make a web gadget. Surf on the Internet and navigate to any of these sites. At the top right corner, you will observe a ‘Make a Widget’ button. You need to click on this button.
  • Now, the next step is to click on the ‘Blog’ button. Go to ‘File’ button and then click on the ‘New Tab’ button. If you want to make one for your blog, you need to type the web address of your blog in the navigation text box in the new tab you just opened. Look for the ‘RSS Feed’ link and click on it. Copy the web address of the RSS Feed.
  • The next step is to go back to the directory or the website that you accessed for creating the portlet. Look for ‘Blog/Feed URL’ and you will find a text box below it. You need to click inside that text box and paste the RSS Feed information. After that, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • For selecting the background colors, you can use the color selector. Once the color selection is done, you can name the web gadget by typing the name in the text field and aligning it. Then, click on ‘Save Widget’ to get the embedding code.
  • Now that you have the embedding code, highlight the code and copy it and then paste the code on your site, blog, or your profile as per your choice. The application will be displayed. Upload the website or blog where you placed the application made by you and refresh the page.

So, making a web gadget is not a difficult task, and this task can be completed by following the aforementioned simple instructions.

How to Buying a Used iPod

unduhan-17Undoubtedly you are eager to get an iPod at a low cost, however there are a couple of things that should be checked before you make the arrangement last.

Apple has given you a lot of reasons to enjoy amazing music quality, with loads of other features in a music player. The compact, stylish, and attractive design, along with high quality, has no comparison. In some models, at a single time, you can enjoy your favorite music, browse the Internet, play video games, and do lots of other stuff. People who want such a gadget, but can’t afford it, usually go for a used iPod, which, in no manner, is a bad deal. But it is very important to closely observe each and every aspect of the gadget before buying, especially when it is a used one.

What to Look for in a Used iPod

The price is not the only thing you should think about when going to buy a used iPod. There are many other details which you should look into before buying any used product.

✔ Battery

Check for the battery life. A user cannot replace the battery in an iPod; he may have to take it to the service center for replacement, which will add up to the cost. If the iPod is just a year old, then the battery might be in a good condition; but anything above one year should be checked thoroughly. It will be good if the seller is ready to give you a certificate or get the battery replaced with a new one.

✔ Screen

The iPod shuffle, which is the most basic model, does not have a screen. In case the model you are looking at has one, check if the screen has scratches. If there are scratches, it may interfere with watching videos, browsing the Internet, and even while selecting any option. It may also affect the sensitivity of the screen.

✔ Features

Since the launch of the first iPod by Apple Inc., there have been many upgrades. Every generation of iPod has a unique feature and upgraded version. Hence, check for each and every feature that your particular model must possess. New models will have newer and better features than the older one. Also, keep the storage capacity into mind while choosing. Go for the model that fulfills your requirements.

✔ iPod Generation

Before buying, find details about the iPod generation you are going to buy. Every generation has its unique features. For example, 1st generation iPods do not have any speakers, 3rd generation iPods have a capacity of 16 GB and more, 4th generation iPods have a front and rear camera, 5th generation iPods have an LED flash and a taller screen, and so on. Therefore, set your priorities before you make your choice.

✔ Warranty

It will be great if you get the iPod with a warranty. If you have an option of getting an extended warranty, get it done. You might not get it from any authorized dealer directly, however, if you are buying a used iPod from an established reseller, then you might get that option.

✔ Price

Compare the price of the iPod offered by different sellers with the price your seller is offering. Along with the price of the device, check for the price of accessories, shipping charges, batteries etc., which you may have to pay, and then compare it with the price of a new one. Compare deals offered by several sellers, and refer to shopping websites as well, before buying.

✔ Accessories

Check for the basic accessories that must come with your device. Do not compromise on headphones, etc., as you will have to shell out extra later to purchase them. In case your dealer is not providing them, you must bargain on the price.

✔ Damages

Check for visible damages. Also check for internal damage, and signs of repair. All the buttons must work properly, and it should have all the features. Check for the touch sensitivity; it should be smooth and quick. The camera and Wi-Fi should work properly, and there should be no connectivity problems.

Follow this used iPod buying guide to get the best deal. Do a thorough research on the model and then make the deal final. Enjoy every function of this fabulous gadget and save money.